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Human Fibroblast hFIB

Human Fibroblast (hFIB) Reprogramming Kit

For induction of human iPSCs from Fibroblast

Human Fibroblast (hFIB) Reprogramming Kit ST01003 5 reactions/kit $2357.50

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StemmeraTM Human Fibroblast (hFIB) Reprogramming Kit is a ready-to-use and fully chemically defined reprogramming kit which composed of necessary reagents and tools intended for generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from fibroblast and maintenance of iPSCs under completely serumfree and feeder-free conditions.


  • Ready-to-use for human fibroblast culture, human fibroblast reprogramming and freezing of iPSCs
  • One-step reprogramming
  • High efficiency reprogramming
  • Serum/feeder-free culture and maintenance
  • Easy protocol

Product Component

Human Fibroblast Reprogramming Kit-I

  • Cat# ST01003-S1 0.2% Gelatin (50ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S2/BM Fibroblast Growth Basal Medium (225ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S3 1x PBS (50ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S4 TrypLE (25ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S7 Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution (100ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S8/BM Fibroblast Reprogramming Basal Medium (2x500ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S13 DMEM/F12 (60ml)

Human Fibroblast Reprogramming Kit-II

  • Cat# ST01003-S2/S Fibroblast Growth Supplement (25ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S6 Polybreen (10μl)
  • Cat# ST01003-S8/S Fibroblast Reprogramming Supplement (2x3.5ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S9 Matrix (5x100μl)
  • Cat# ST01003-S10 Rock Inhibitor (500μl)
  • Cat# ST01003-S14 Fibroblast Cryopreservation Solution (15ml)
  • Cat# ST01003-S15 Serum-Free Cryopreservation Solution for hPSC (20ml)

Human Fibroblast Reprogramming Kit-III

  • Cat# ST01003-S11-24 Cell Culture Plates (1x24 well)
  • Cat# ST01003-S11-12 Cell Culture Plates (1x12 well)
  • Cat# ST01003-S11-6 Cell Culture Plates (4x6 well)
  • Cat# ST01003-S12 Cell Counter Slides (3pcs)
  • Cat# ST01003-S5 Trypan Blue (300μl)
  • Reprogramming Factors (Not supplied)

Note: Sendai virus reprogramming factors from Life Technologies Inc is strongly recommended, Cat # A16517

Storage & Handling
Store all components as directed in manual instruction upon arrival and until the expiration dates stated on the product label. Avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Make aliquot of complete medium for daily use, avoid warm up cycles. Protect from light is preferred.

Product Use
This product is intended for in vitro use and research use only. Not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic uses.

Product NameDocument TypeDownload
Human Fibroblast (hFIB) Reprogramming Kit Manual PDF icon
Human Fibroblast (hFIB) Reprogramming Kit Datasheet PDF icon
0.2% Gelatin (50ml) MSDS PDF icon
Fibroblast Cryopreservation Solution MSDS PDF icon
Fibroblast Growth Basal Medium & Supplement MSDS PDF icon
Fibroblast Reprogramming Basal Medium & Supplement MSDS PDF icon
Matrix MSDS PDF icon
Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution MSDS PDF icon
Polybrene MSDS PDF icon
Rock Inhibitor MSDS PDF icon
Serum-Free Cryopreservation Solution for hPSC MSDS PDF icon
Trypan Blue MSDS PDF icon
TrypLE MSDS PDF icon

Quality Control


Stemmera Inc is a privately owned biotechnology company located in Bay Area, California that focus in developing innovative technology and application solution for stem cell research. Our products include kit, culture medium, reagents, antibodies, buffers and solution, cell lines that are convenient tools used in stem cell research. Read More